Copy data from Compact Flash Cards!

Compact Flash Card and Micro Drive Adapter

Product Number: F.G-0216-001C

The Compact Flash Card and Micro Drive Adapter supports the ImageMASSter family of products, including the ImageMASSter 4000 series, WipeMASSter, ImageMASSter Solo 2, ImageMASSter Solo 3 Forensic.

The ATA Compact Flash Adapter was designed to interface 50-pin micro drive cards and to convert the standard 40-pin IDE interface to the standard 50-pin Compact Flash interface. This allows copying to or from 50-pin ATA compatible CompactFlash (CF) cards, including Microdrives, using the ImageMASSter line of products. Supports other ATA compatible Flash Media Cards such as Secure Digital with the use of 3rd party media adapters.

This adapter can be conveniently plugged in to the standard IDE connectors of the ImageMASSter family of products.

This Compact Flash adapter is available as a single unit ($195.00).

Price: $195.00