HDTD-8750 Hard Drive and Laptop Computer Degausser

HDTD-8750 Hard Drive and Laptop Computer Degausser

The HDTD-8750 High Capacity Tape & Hard Drive Degausser is a large capacity hard drive and tape degausser capable of erasing laptop computers and hot swappable hard drives with mounting hardware attached. It is the only degausser which will accept and degauss a laptop computer. Drives and laptops must be discarded after degaussing, as they cannot be reused.

The HDTD-8750 High Capacity Tape and Hard Drive Degausser is designed to permanently eliminate data contained on hard drives, laptop computers, tape cartridges and tape reels.

The HDTD-8750's large capacity allows the erasure of up to six hard drives, nine DLTs (SDLT, SDLT-600, LTOs), or several large tape reels at one time. This permits users to erase larger quantities of media in shorter amounts of time, providing maximum efficiency.

The HDTD-8750 High Capacity Tape and Hard Drive Degausser erases all media formats and sizes. The large opening of the HDTD-8750 allows it to erase up to six hard drives or nine DLT, SDLT or SDLT II media at one time. The HDTD-8750 will erase any format of magnetic media up to 2.75" high, 15.75" in length and 12.5" in width, including laptop computers.

Simple operation allows non-technical operators to erase all formats of media without the confusion of using complicated adapters. The machine is very quiet; there is virtually no noise from operation. It also does not heat up AT ALL, and the machine and the media remain cool at all times. You cannot burn your hands handling hot metal drives, as the drives do not heat up.

Operation is easy. Open the tray location of the machine and place six or less hard disk drives in the pull out tray, slide the tray back in, push the erase button and the HDTD-8750 will do the rest. The only limit to the size of the drive is 2.75 inches high; width and length are variable. When the operation is complete (approximately 2 minutes), you may dispose of the hard disk drives (which cannot be reused). The size limitation for laptop computers is 15.75" X 12.5" X 2.75".

The HDTD-8750 High Capacity Tape and Hard Drive Degausser conveniently operates on standard wall voltages and can be easily moved as it comes standard with casters.


  • Completely erases all formats of tape, hard drives and laptop computers
  • Large capacity allows for up to six hard drives at one time
  • Erases network drives with hot swappable hardware attached
  • Quick & quiet operation


  • Media Recycling Organizations
  • Security Organizations
  • Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Military Organizations
  • Large Centralized Media Reprocessors
  • Government MIS Departments

Media Erased

  • 2.5” and 3.5” Hard Disc Drives (before disposal) 
  • Laptop Computers (before disposal)
  • DLT IV and SDLT II cartridges
  • DDS 3 and DDS 4 cartridges
  • LTO 1, 2, and 3 cartridges (before disposal)
  • ZIP 250MB disks
  • All 19mm tape media
  • STK 9840 and 9940 cartridges

* Please note that hard drives are not reusable after having been degaussed.

Purchase Price


3 Year Extended Warranty

Shipping $395.00
Gauss 6,000 est.
Throughput 120 seconds per unit


110-125 VAC; 60 Hz (USA)
208-240 VAC; 50 Hz (Overseas)
More Power Options Available



19 inches

485 mm


26 inches

664 mm


30.81 inches

785 mm


264 lbs

120 kg


120 VAC; 50/60 Hz

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