V660 HDD EVO Hard Drive Degausser With Infrared Remote Control (Remanufactured)

V660 HDD EVO Hard Drive Degausser With Infrared Remote Control (Remanufactured)

Available on GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0093V

The V660 HDD EVO Hard Drive Degausser is a powerful table-top degausser available for new high-Oersted hard drives. The degausser operates at 6600 Gauss strength.

This high energy, bulk degausser is especially designed to erase sensitive information stored on Servo and PC hard drives. It is manufactured for U.S. Power at 120 VAC; 60Hz.

Hard Disk Drives
The vulnerability of information stored on Servo and PC hard drives is an acknowledged security risk. Unlike other PC data storage media, the hard drive always stays with the PC. Every time a PC leaves the premises, all the data and company information go with it.

Even if the hard drive breaks down, the storage platters will still contain information that could be read once repaired. That is why security erasure of your drives is essential with the V660 EVO Degausser.

In addition, if Servo drives must be returned to the manufacturer, this degausser will remove all information from the drive for security purposes, so that you can safely return the drive.

The V660 EVO Hard Drive Degausser is an efficient, dependable, and completely safe way of eliminating information from hard drives. The V660 EVO Hard Drive Degausser eliminates the requirement for the operator to handle the drive. As degaussing makes the drive hot and the degaussing operation creates a lot of noise, this unique design makes operating the machine much easier than other table top degaussers.

Hard disc drives are placed on the V660 EVO Hard Drive Degausser eraser within the special adapter, the lid is closed and the degauss button pressed. As hard disk drives are erased in a single pass lasting only 5 seconds, no user intervention is required during the operating cycle. The operator does not have to turn, spin, or handle the drive in any way during the degaussing cycle.

Operator Safety
To meet the latest NCNIRP Magnetic Exposure Safety Guidelines, the V660 EVO Hard Drive Degausser can be operated remotely via the infrared control. The unit can be locked in the manual or remote operation position by removing the key. The drive holder accepts any drive which is 5.75 inches in depth, 3.98 inches in width, and .98 inches in height or less.

This unit is available for monthly ($600) or weekly ($400) rental.

Please note that this unit is not recommended for degaussing tape media.


  • The most powerful table-top degausser available - 6600 Gauss
  • No need for operator to handle drive during degaussing
  • FAST 5 second single-pass erase cycle
  • Remote control operation from up to 45 feet
  • Extremely high energy (6600 Gauss) for complete erasure
  • Table top, easy-to-use ergonomic design
  • Accepts drives 5.75" deep x 3.98" wide x .98 inches high or less
  • Immediate delivery from inventory


  • Very large data processing departments
  • Hard disk drive erasure specialists
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Military security departments
  • Government operations
  • Financial and banking institutions
  • Data Processing facility managers

Media Erased

  • Hard Disk Drives
  • PC HDD
  • PC Hard Drives
  • Servo Drives

* Please note that hard drives are not reusable after having been degaussed. Additionally, DLT 3, DLT 4 and S-DLT are not able to be reused after having been erased with this unit.


  • Shipping and Transportation Carrying Case ($695.00)
  • Extended Two Year Factory Warranty ($479.00)

Accessories for this unit can be easily ordered through the Website. Click on the image below for complete specifications and pricing.

Purchase Price $2,495.00
Rental Price $600.00 per month
Shipping $95.00
Extended Warranty 2 Years $479
Gauss 6600
Erasure -90dB (tape only)
Duty Cycle 5 minutes on,
5 minutes off
Throughput Approx. 80 HDD per hour


120 VAC; 60 Hz (USA Power)



16.5 inches

420 mm


19 inches

480 mm


6 inches

150 mm


77 lbs

35 kg

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Price: $2,495.00Sale price: $1,995.00