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V6000HDD Max Volume Hard Drive Degausser

THIS MACHINE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER. The V6000 HDD Max Volume Hard Drive Degausser conveyor hard drive degausser HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The high intensity coils ensure complete erasure of hard drives in large quantities, perfect for IT logistic, government and security providers.

The performance of the V6000 HDD Max Volume Hard Drive Degausser will satisfy requirements for large volumes of hard disk drives to be erased. Hard drives are placed on the belt and guided through the 7260 gauss erasure field. The V6000 HDD Max Volume Hard Drive Degausser regulates temperature to eliminate excessive heating of the hard drive casing. Up to 300 hard drives can be erased per hour.

With safety in mind and to meet the latest ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines, the V6000 HDD Max Volume Hard Drive Degausser can be operated remotely via infrared remote control. An input hopper option is also available.


  • High energy 7260 gauss field
  • Meets latest Magnetic Exposure Guidelines
  • Fast, Reliable Conveyor System
  • Single Pass erasure of Hard Drives
  • 8 Hours of Continuous Degaussing
  • High Throughput
  • Average 6 second erase time per drive
  • Remote Operation
  • Up to 70 hard drives per hour throughput


  • Government users
  • Military organizations
  • Server Farms (security)
  • Tape converters (NSA/DoD security requirement)
  • Government security applications
  • Recyclers for security applications

Media Erased

  • Hard Drives

* Please note that hard drives are not reusable after having been degaussed. Additionally, DLT 3, DLT 4 and S-DLT are not able to be reused after having been erased with this unit.


  • One Year Extended Warranty ($1135)
  • Hard Drive Gravity Feeder ($499.00)

Purchase Price

Warranty 1 Year;
Optional Extended Warranty $1135 per year
Peak Gauss 7260
Erasure -90dB
Duty Cycle 8 hours continuous (depending on operating environment)
Throughput Up to 70 HDD per hour
Option Hard Drive Gravity Feeder


208 or 220 VAC; 60 Hz (USA)
220 VAC; 50 Hz (Overseas)



31.5 inches

800 mm


27.5 inches

700 mm


19.2 inches

490 mm


176 lbs

80 kg

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