NSA approved for erasing magnetic media media up to 1,700 Oersteds

Data Security Type III Degausser (Remanufactured)

DoD and NSA Approved Type III Degausser

Data Security's Type III Degausser is a cavity degausser that meets stringent NSA and DoD 5200.28-M requirements for purging classified information from magnetic media up to 1,700 Oersteds, including 8mm, 4mm, S-VHS, DLT and all Type I, Type II and Type III media.

The Type III Degausser has a totally automatic operation, is designed for continuous use and is quiet, cool and efficient.

Data Security's Type III degausser meets stringent DOD requirements for purging classified information from Type III magnetic tape media with coercivities up to 1700 Oersteds (nominal). The machine is delivered with an NAB hub as standard, and adapters must be purchased for other kinds of media at a cost of $795.00 for each adapter.

The Type III is only available as a remanufactured machine and it can be rented for $1,495.00 per month. The remanufactured machine carries a new machine warranty. Visit our rental and remanufactured equipment pages for pricing.

The Type III satisfies all applicable regulations and guidelines, including:

  • DOD 5200.28-M
  • Air Force Regulation AFSSI-5020
  • DOE order 471.2A
  • Army Regulation 380-19
  • DIA DIAM-50-28

The Type III is featured on the Degausser Products List (DPL).

Controls & Indicators:

  • Illuminated circuit breaker/power switch
  • Operator push button with ERASE, RESET, LID OPEN, and TEMP indicators
  • Lamp test functions at power on
  • Thermal switches automatically reset to protect degaussing coil and drive motors
  • Micro-controller automates degaussing process
  • Audible alarm indicates operator or automated fault detection


  • NSA and DOD Approved
  • Erasure -90 dB using over-saturated, long wavelength signals on disk media and tape with coercivities rated up to 1700 Oersteds (nominal) when equipped with factory authorized adapters
  • Accepts cassettes and reels up to 10.5" in diagonal/diameter with up to 1/2" tape width (1" reel or cassette thickness)
  • Adapters available for most compatible media sizes


  • Government
  • Military
  • Department of Defense
  • Server Farms (security)
  • Tape converters (NSA/DOD security requirement)
  • Government Security Applications
  • Recyclers for security applications

Media Erased:

  • All magnetic media up to 1,700 Oersteds, including 8mm, 4mm, S-VHS, DLT and all Type I, Type II and Type III media

Purchase Price-Remanufactured$15,995.00
Erasure-90 dB
Duty CycleContinuous duty typical at 1 cycle/5 minutes
Cycle Time 74 seconds at 60 Hz, 89 seconds at 50 Hz



37.5 inches

953 mm


28.0 inches

711 mm


24.4 inches

620 mm


255 lbs

116 kg


208/240 Volts, 60 Hz, 30 Amps

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Price: $15,995.00Sale price: $7,995.00