Fast conveyor degausser erases up to 2,500 cartridges per hour!

V870 Degausser for 3480 & 3490 Tape (Rental)

Rental Units

The V870 Tape Cartridge Degausser is a low-cost, high quality, high performance belt tape transport eraser that erases VHS, S-VHS, 4mm and 8mm, 3480 and 3490 data cartridges, 1/4" data cartridges, 3 1/2" floppy disks, video cassettes, Travan data cartridges, as well as Beta and U-Matic cartridges.

This unit rents for $300.00 per week or $400.00 per month, plus $95.00 shipping.

This unit is also available remanufactured for $2,199.00. These units have been made 'like new' by the factory, and come with a new machine warranty.

For complete V870 Cartridge Degausser product specifications, click here.

Rental units are subject to availability.

Please note: If you order this unit online, the shipping total will not be correct. We will charge you $95.00 for shipping within the continental US.

Price: $300.00