Conveyor erases large volumes of LTO-1, LTO-2, DLT & HDDs

GARNER CDS-2500A Continuous Duty Work Horse Degausser (Remanufactured)

Remanufactured Units

The CDS-2500A Belt-Driven Workhorse Degausser for High-Oersted Media is designed to erase all formats of media that are less than 6 inches in width. The degaussing field strength switch provides the option to change between high and low field strengths. It is like having two degaussers in one. On low, the CDS-2500A is a continuous duty degausser capable of degaussing over 90 VHS tapes per minute without overheating. On high, the machine is a powerful high energy degausser capable of erasing the newest metal tape formats of up to 2200 oersteds.

To start erasing, simply press the “on” button and place the media on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will transport the media through the strong horizontal and vertical degaussing fields produced by two degaussing coils placed at 90 degrees from each other (“V” coil design). For added convenience, the conveyor belt speed can be easily adjusted up to 60 feet per minute. At this rate, the CDS-2500A will erase more than 90 VHS tapes per minute. For more efficiency, add the optional FH-4 feed hopper. Additional options on this unit are the magnetic shielding coupled with input and output slides. These options are described below. The machine can be purchased as a completely remanufactured machine at a cost of $3,795.00. It can also be rented at a cost of $795.00 per month.

This unit rents for $795.00 per month, plus shipping costs.

This unit is available remanufactured for $3,795.00. These units have been made 'like new' by the factory, and come with a new machine warranty.

Remanufactured units are subject to availability.

Price: $3,795.00