Data Security Degausser Repair Kit

Data Security Degausser Repair Kit

This is a repair kit that will service Data Security's Type II, Type IIA, Type III, HD-2000, and HD-3000 degaussers.

It includes a service manual for the following units:

  • 2 Inch Type II Bulk Degausser
  • HD-2000 Bulk Degausser
  • Type III Bulk Degausser

The Spare Parts Kit includes a generous selection of all of the spare parts required to maintain these machines in perfect operating condition, including 2 PC boards, 2 heat sinks, 2 spare motors, fan, capacitor, hardware selection, and extra cables. All of these parts are shown in the detailed picture of the kit. Please examine the picture carefully to identify each of these spare parts.

Kit available from inventory for immediate shipment.

Purchase Price$2,495.00

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Price: $2,495.00