Dahle CleanTec Filter  for CleanTec Shredders (Part # 20710)

Dahle CleanTec Filter for CleanTec Shredders (Part # 20710)

You can't see it, feel it, or taste it - Yet it can pose a considerable risk to your health. It's created by everyday mechanical and electronic devices in the form of tiny dust particles in the air. These electronic devices also include paper shredders. Each time paper is shred, tiny dust particles are produced and travel through the air. When inhaled, the smaller the particle of dust is, the more harmful it can be to your health.

With a DAHLE CleanTECŪ, fine dust is collected where paper is shredded, and forced through a specialized 3 ply filter. This fully recyclable filter is made of a nonwoven material, and permanently traps up to 98% of the fine dust created. DAHLE CleanTECŪ shredders will reduce exposure to harmful dust particles, and provide a cleaner, healthier work environment.

Price: $89.00