Dahle Automatic Oiler for High Capacity Shredders (Part # 120 / 220)

Dahle Automatic Oiler for High Capacity Shredders (Part # 120 / 220)

Just like any fine tuned machine, your shredder needs to be properly oiled to run at peak performance. But this simple task is often neglected, which causes unnecessary jamming and decreased performance.

A Dahle Automatic Oiler is the perfect solution and effectively eliminates the guesswork of "Who", "How Much", and "How Often" your shredder will be oiled. Shredders are relatively tolerant machines and the good ones can take a lot of abuse before they give up and continually jam. There are many factors that contribute to a jam such as improper voltage, exceeding sheet capacity, and improper oiling. While Dahle has no control over the first two issues, a Dahle Automatic Oiler is the best way to prevent the third - improper oiling.

This oiler povides slow, continuous oil across the entire cutting mechanism. The lubrication reduces wear on the precision milled cutting cylinders and ensures optimal shred capacity and performance. Dahle Shredder Oil is specially formulated to reduce dust retention and is the only oil recommended for use in a Dahle shredder. This oil can be added to the top of the oiler and as a safety feature - the shredder will not operate when the oiler is almost out of oil.

Dahle Automatic Oilers are the perfect option for a centralized shredder with multiple users. The Shredder Performance Kit will give you peace of mind knowing your shredder is properly maintained and always ready to shred your unwanted confidential information.

Price: $999.00