Data Devices is a Major GSA Contract Holder. The Contract GS-02F-0093V has just been extended to April 6, 2019 for all products.
Data Devices is the leading supplier to government clientele with a complete and all-inclusive GSA contract equipment offering - focusing on NSA and DoD Evaluated data security equipment. If you are a government buyer, please contact us to inquire about our special GSA pricing and shipping. Same Day Shipping is a specialty of Data Devices. Of course, shipping and handling within the Continental United States are always free. Overseas shipments are quoted as required. We look forward to working with you!

NSA and DoD Evaluated Equipment
Data Devices International is a recognized leader in the field of data security for a reason: we've got over 40 years of experience and we bring that to the table to solve your data security problems. Every piece of equipment is hand-picked by experts in the field for quality and value, and we offer the largest selection of NSA evaluated equipment available. For businesses large and small, whether you need a full-fledged NSA and DOD-evaluated hard drive and computer tape degausser or a CD and DVD physical destroyer, you're sure to find every piece of equipment you need here.

Your Complete Up-To-Date Data Security Source
More and more companies of all sizes are discovering the importance of data security, and Data Devices International is there to help you find the data security equipment that's right for you. From computer tape and hard drive degaussers, to DOD-approved and NIST-specification hard drive erasers, to industrial shredders and disintegrators, we make it easier than ever to make sure that your confidential data stays yours. On top of the best selection of degaussers, destroyers, shredders, and other data security equipment, we've dedicated ourselves to giving you the most competitive price possible - we'll beat any quote*!

A Huge Selection of Destroyers, Degaussers, and Hard Drive Erasers
The destroyer, degausser, and hard drive/tape eraser selection at Data Devices is the broadest product line available anywhere. If you're looking for a way to permanently destroy data on a hard drive, our degaussers, shredders, and destroyers are perfect for you; they completely remove the magnetic charge from a hard drive along with the servo tracks, meaning that any data is blasted away, allowing for secure hard drive disposal with no worries. If you want to reuse your hard disk drive, we also offer hard drive erasers that allow you to remove the data from a drive using department of defense approved erasing and reuse it quickly and easily. Our hard drive duplicators that make it easy to standardize your computing environment. The ImageMASSter duplicators and erasers come standard with the DOD-specification WipeOut software package.

Top-Notch Physical Data Security
Our line of industrial and maximum security crosscut paper shredders, hard drive shredders, disintegrators & destroyers provides a variety of solutions, ranging from the small office to the data center to the maximum security industrial complex. Check out our solutions for optical media (CD and DVD) destruction, including shredding and disintegration to NSA specification. We offer several units designed for key tape and solid state flash memory destruction. Hard drive physical destroyers and shredders are ideal for permanent and unrecoverable data security - or investigate purchasing a combined degausser-destroyer bundle package that will both erase and then physically destroy your hard drive.

Data Devices Is An Authorized Reseller for NSA Evaluated FORMAX Shredders
We are an authorized reseller for the global data destruction leader FORMAX, which manufactures cutting-edge shredder and material handling technology. All FORMAX equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Data Devices offers a broad variety of security shredders for both office and government top secret applications requiring level 3, 4, level 5 and level 6 security ratings.

Data Devices Is An Authorized Reseller for Dahle NSA Evaluated Shredders
We are an authorized reseller for Dahle, a world leader in security shredder and disintegrator technology. Dahle equipment is manufactured of the highest quality in Germany. We offer a variety of high security shredders to level 5 and level 6 security rating.

Rent Degaussers, Destroyers, Hard Drive Erasers, Shredders, Crushers, and Duplicators
In addition to equipment sales, Data Devices International offers rentals on a full line of commercial and government-approved equipment, usually with immediate delivery. For short-term and one-time use, our competitive rental pricing makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes to quickly and easily ensure their data is secure. Find out about our degausser rental pricing today!

A Complete Line of Used & Remanufactured Equipment For Sale
Data Devices International offers a wide variety of both used and remanufactured data security equipment, including remanufactured degaussers and remanufactured hard drive duplicators.

Top Notch Customer Service and More...
We offer same-day shipping of in-stock items and pride ourselves on our customer service. We're not happy until you're happy. If you have any questions, give us a call at 626-799-6545 or email sales@datadev.com.

International shipping is available on our complete line of products.

Please note: Special GSA contract, education and reseller pricing is available on our degaussers, duplicators, erasers, shredders, destroyers, and more.

* Specific restrictions apply. Please call us for details.


"2 in 1" SSD Terminator Machine! (CE APPROVED)
The Terminator model MVC-SSD_V spears, chews, crushes and demolishes every square inch of media, and then delivers crippling pulsed electrical jolts into each sector disabling sensitive electronic components in the media.
The 3 IN 1 Paper, DVD, and CD Shredder (NSA & DoD Evaluated) offers Level 6 Security in a compact, rugged design to shred "Top Secret" or classified documents of all kinds.