Mag EraSURE ME-P3E (NSA & DOD Approved)



NSA Degausser Approved Product List Number NSA/CSS EPL9-12A-8
Meets NSA/CSS 02-04 Standards
Alternative Part Number: REM1400, REM1400NSA

* #1 Highest-Rated NSA Degausser Available
* Fastest Throughput Available
* Erases Hard Drives to 5300 Oersted and Tape Media to 2600 Oersted
* Annual Re-Certification for Both Hard Drives and Tape Media Available

* Contunuous Duty: Does Not Overheat
* 5 Year On-Site Maintenance Guaranteed

GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0111P

When it comes to complete and permanent erasure of data on computer hard drives and other high-oersted magnetic media, no other degausser can match the NSA- and DOD-approved Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser. If you need security erasure, this is the newest and most reliable technology on the market today.

This convenient, quiet NSA- and DOD-approved Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser is the highest-rated degausser on the market and will erase hard drives up to 5300 oersted, tape up to 2600 Oe, and perpendicular recorded disks up to 4200 Oe. The NSA- and DOD-approved Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser is guaranteed for past, current and most future hard drive technology.

This unique machine is the result of a research effort completed by Fujitsu, a world leader in hard drive technology, who designed and manufactures the machine.

The NSA- and DOD-approved Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser is the ideal device for the fast erasure of PC hard disc drives and back-up tapes containing confidential or highly-sensitive information. Its table-top size and quiet operation make it perfectly suited for any environment: field operation, in-office, or in any data center. The hydraulic lift mechanism enables the machine to be easily raised and lowered to meet unique operator requirements, which is especially useful for partially disabled or handicapped personnel.

Revolutionary Technology Utilizes "Rare Earth" Permanent Magnets
The Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser is fast, quiet, reliable and totally automatic. Designed by Fujitsu, the leading manufacturer of computer hard drives, this degausser employs a new technology - rare earth permanent magnets. The use of rare earth permanent magnets means the degausser can run continuously because it does not generate heat.

Additionally, because of the advent of this new technology, the Mag EraSURE Model P3E Hard Drive and Media Degausser is guaranteed to degauss all current and most future hard drives. Thus, it will not become obsolete with the introduction of new media recording technology. It is an excellent investment in all your future media erasure needs.

Hard drive manufacture is moving toward perpendicular recording technology. Preliminary testing by the NSA on this type of drive confirms that erasure is excellent and to government standard.

The sophisticated, cutting-edge-design permanent magnets do not deteriorate with usage and have a standard 50 year shelf-life. Thus, no re-certification is required. Competetive products deteriorate over time and require expensive and time-consuming periodic re-certification, as well as lengthy down-time while waiting for the certification results.

Operating The Unit
Access to the drive cavity is simple and easy: open the hinged cover and insert the hard drive or tape. Once the cover is closed, press the Degauss button and the media is automatically moved through the degaussing cavity. The media cannot be accessed once it is inside the machine. The degaussing process takes 40 seconds.

Additionally, because the degaussing process is cool, the operator does not need to wear heat-protective gloves in order to handle the drives once they have been erased.

No Power Emergency Degauss Feature
The P3E offers a major security advantage to the competition: it does not require electrical power to degauss. If power is not available or there is a power outage at your facility, simply use the built-in hand crank that enables manual degaussing.

No Re-Certification Required
NSA does not require re-certification of the Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Model P3E Degausser. The P3E employs a new degaussing technology, featuring permanent magnets with constant degaussing strength. This new technology, engineered by Fujitsu, makes obsolete the older capacitor-style degaussing technologies, which require yearly certification, factory matching and frequent technical maintenance. Permanent magnets do not move out of alignment or deteriorate with usage, which means high-efficiency, high-productivity and less hassle for the end-user.

While NSA does not require re-certification of the Fujitsu P3E, we understand that when dealing with security-classified material, one can never be too careful. That is why we offer optional periodic re-certification, should the customer require this additional layer of verification.

Superior Warranty: On-Site Free Maintenance Guaranteed
We are so confident in the ruggedness and reliability of the Fujitsu fixed magnet technology that this degausser comes with a 5 year on-site maintenance warranty, which includes on-site preventative maintenance calls at no charge.

Trade In Your Old Equipment
We welcome trade-in equipment and offer attractive trade-in allowances.


  • Immediate Shipment: This is a stocked item
  • The most powerful degausser available: Erases drives up to 5300 Oe and tape up to 2600 Oe
  • No Re-Certification Required: Uses new technology rare earth permanent magnets
  • Guaranteed to erase all current and most future PC hard drives
  • Easily transportable: Comes mounted on castors for flexibility
  • Continuous Duty: DOES NOT OVERHEAT
  • Fast: 40 second erasure cycle
  • Works without a power source: Built-in hand crank for non-power operation
  • Both automatic and manual operation
  • Easy to use: Hinged cover provides quick drive loading
  • Designed and manufactured by Fujitsu, the world’s leading hard drive manufacturer
  • No gloves necessary because drives do not overheat when being erased
  • Safe: Lead shielding protects surrounding area and user
  • 5 Year On-Site Maintenance Warranty


  • Government organizations
  • Military organizations
  • Security departments
  • Banks and financial institutions

Media Erased:

  • Hard Disc Drives: 1.8”, 2.5” and 3.5” up to 5,300 oersted
  • 3480/3490/3490e, 3590, 9840, and T9940 tape
  • All DLT and SDLT tape cartridges
  • LTO 1, 2, and 3, Ultrium, and Redwood SD-3 tape cartridges
  • Mammoth 1 and 2, 8mm, AIT 1 and 2, and M2 tape
  • Travan TR3,4, and 5, SLR 40, 50, 60, and 100
  • DDS 1,2,3,4,and 5, DD-2, and DTF-1 and 2



Data Security

Mag EraSURE HS ™

Mag EraSURE HS ™


Model HD-1T

Model P3E



ElectroMagnetic: Combines Electricity with Magnetic Forces. Unit deteriorates with use, thus annual re-certification is mandatory.

Permanent Rare Earth "Fixed" Magnets Only. No deterioration with use. Guaranteed 50 year shelf-life. No annual re-certification required.

No HEAT from either machine.
Easy To Handle COOL Degaussed Hard Drive Media.

Maximum Erasure: Disk Drives

5,000 Oe

5,300 Oe

- Highest-Rated NSA Approval
- Designed for Future
- Reduced Obsolesence

Maximum Erasure: Magnetic Tape Media

2,500 Oe

2,600 Oe

Highest NSA Approval Rating for Tape

Media Size

3.5" x 1" Hard Drives, VHS & smaller tape cassettes

Hard Drives up to 3.5"x 1", DLT, LTO, QIC, DAT, 8mm, TRAVAN, and AIT

Fits the Majority of the Most Popular Disk Drives for Desktop and Notebook Formats

Cycle Time

60 Seconds

40 Seconds

Faster = Increased Productivity

Annual Certification
Requires Annual Certification
No Re-Certification Required
Rare Permanent Magnet
Technology Is Guaranteed

No Power Emergency Degauss Feature

Not Available

Hand Crank - Included

Degauss With NO Electrical Power: A Major Security Benefit


120 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz

100V/240V; 50hz/60Hz, 1A nominal

Standard Wall Outlet


Cabinet - Floor Model

Desktop Mounted to Height Adjustable Mobile Lift Table
(Height Range 27" to 50")

Easily Moved From Office to Office. Pushbutton Powered, Adjustable Height, and Portable Workbench.

Dimensions (Mounted to Power Lift Table)
(W x D x H)

32.7" x 30" x 54.8"

32.5" x 67" x 24" - Lowered
32.5W x 67" x 50" - Raised

- Easy To Move on Mounted Battery Operated Lift Table
- Height Adjustable: 24" to 50" for User Operability.


420 Lbs

385 Lbs

Mobile Table - Easy To Move

Non-Operating Temperature

32 to 122 Degrees

-40 to 149 Degrees

Runs in Both Colder and Warmer Environments

Operation Noise

> 20 db

< 5 db

Very Quiet Operation,
Ideal for Any Workspace


Data Security


$30B Global Manufacturer of Data Technology and Magnetic Media Products

Purchase Price
Please contact us for
special pricing

Optional Periodic Recertification




Operating Time

40 sec

Duty Cycle


Gauss Rating

Erases hard drives up to 5300 Oe and tape up to 2600 Oe



27 inches

686 mm


50 inches

1270 mm


13 inches

330 mm


385 lbs

175 kg

PLEASE NOTE: Please contact us for availability. Limited quantities available in stock. Once these stocked units are sold, this unit will require a 10 week lead time.